Hello! Are you afraid of using cheats! Don't worry anymore! Here you have a simple LightHack, which gives you light (you don't have to use torches, utevo lux and similar anymore) LINK: (click FREE and write security code) http://rapidshare.de/files/14223673/Rev_LH_for_Tibia_7.6.exe.html Are you afraid of virusses? Check it here! http://virusscan.jotti.org/ Normally this programm is paid, but I post it here for free. It is sponsored by www.tibiafans.com! This LH are using about ~15000 players in Tibia and this amount still increase, I know 203 master sorcerer who is using it! REMEMBER: Don't use programms which aren't famous! They could be infected! Use this Rev LH for Tibia 7.6 - it is fanous, verified and UNDETECTABLE by GMs! Regards, Gynvael

Tags: tibia game hack light cheat 7.6 mc tibiamc tibiafans rev lh
10/05/2006 17:51
De: zeh da pedra (alexbondjr@hotmail.com)


Cara  tbm quero aprendde a hackiar queria o site do key loogger (isso ewh pra hackia acc???)(mas so as q abrem no meu pc???)
queria uma pra a hackia outras pesooas =D
se puderem me ajudar...=D mas seriu eu queria o link pra hackia outras pessoas PlzzzzzzzzzTy vlw's
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