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02/03/2007 11:08
De: Iskierka OTS

Tibia ots 7.6

good ots ots have fast attack and no end bolt experience 10x .manarune and new monsters and quest. me ip is please logout pass 1/1 or 2/2 or 3/3 or 4/4 gm no gve fre items ots is pvp and no pvp clijent tibia is 7.6
07/06/2007 19:30
De: boa

How to crack tibiabot

I hope I can help you, I gonna show you just a method!
Now you don’t have to download „cracks” you can do it “yourself”
First, i want to say that i tested bot and this cracking method, it Works well  if we do all those steps we will get fully functional bot 
1. Download TibiaBot NG:
http://tibiabot.com/download/  and install it.
2. Download WinHex:
3. Run WinHexa, Click Register in menu Help, write this registration code:
Name: \"falanga88\"
Addr1: \"slava\"
Addr2: \"bohaterom\"
Key1: 76A090C08700101857109854C04AB2A4
Key2: 0B9D47A44BC790740C66AF38E2A99651
Chksm: 4E
4. Don’t close WinHexa, run TibiaBot NG.
5. Now click Enter Key, and copy your Hardware Fingerprint.
6. Go to WinHex, press Alt+F9, run process \"loader\". Choose form loader option Entire Memory.
7. In menu Search click at Replace Text.
8. In “Search for” paste your Hardware Fingerprint. In „Replace With” write this: 82AD-20CE. Change ASCII to Unicode, and instead “Replace all occurrences” check “Prompt when found”. Now confirm all.
9. Now: Search -> Replace hex values -> Search for 358AC0E665. Replace with: B8CE20AD82. Now confirm all.
10. And again: Search -> Replace hex values -> Search for 33865C200000. Replace with: B8CE20AD8290.
11. Go to TibiaBot NG, and paste this code:
Name: Slawomir T Kordjalik
12. Enjoy!
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